Blue Eyes Band

The Blue Eyes Band is …

blue eyes band

Blue Eyes Band, Left to Right: Paul Strickland, Matt Jacobs, John Ahern, Chris Wiley, Tim Patrick, Todd Matheson, “Pooch” Heine, Tom Zosel, Scott Johnson, Larry McCabe, Mark Ashe

Tim Patrick explains the full story of how the Blue Eyes Band came to be.

  • Todd “Toddfather” Matheson, trumpet. Todd is the leader of the Blue Eyes Band. He writes the arrangements, calls the tunes, and lends his swinging trumpet playing to our sound. He picks up another ax, the guitar, when it’s time to really rock out.
  • Doug Rohde (piano). Doug is the new guy in the band, having been around “only” since 2014. That’s why he’s not pictured. His other main gigs: music director for Collide Theatrical Dance Company, and teaching piano at Center For Performing Arts in south Minneapolis.
  • “Pooch” Heine, bass. Pooch is a player of deep and wide experience. He can’t help but keep the rhythm section grooving, and is one of the Summit Brewing Company’s most dependable customers. This is mainly because the Blue Eyes Band keeps drinking his beer.
  • Matt Jacobs, drums. Forget all about time in a bottle. Matt has time in his hands and feet. With his limbs, he keeps the pulse on the drums, which in turn makes for happy dancers.
  • Paul Strickland, tenor sax. Paul hails from the Southland and wails on the sax. Enough said.
  • Scott Johnson, flute and alto sax. Scott is an educator and leader of the sax section.
  • Tom Zosel, baritone sax, also an educator, helps to hold down the bottom end of the band’s sound spectrum.
  • John Ahern, lead trumpet. Sometimes, just to contribute to a big band’s excitement, high notes are called for. John supplies these notes in a big way.
  • Larry McCabe, lead trombone. Speaking of high notes, Larry McCabe used to play for Maynard Fergeson. He also used to play with many other bands, but got out while the getting was good. Larry is a past, present, and future master of the blues.
  • Chris Wiley, 2nd trombone, is a gadfly and bon vivant.

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