Review of Our New CD, Two Steps Forward!

Checking out the website for TIM PATRICK & HIS BLUE EYES BAND, I found his story about how he came to vocalizing fascinating. Like so many others, he dreamed of singing, but was too unsure of himself. It took a chance sitting in at a club in Minneapolis to give him a taste of being taken seriously by listeners. From that evening, he was hooked, and followed a path that led him to getting a few roles in musical theater productions, making a demo disc for friends and family, having it heard by a professional accompanist who encouraged him, and ultimately led to his forming and fronting his Blue Eyes Band. Two Steps Forward (Self Produced) is the first full album by Patrick and his band, and it is a swinging winner. Patrick is out of the Sinatra school of vocalists. He has a nice baritone, knows how to swing, and sounds like he is having a ball, something that gives energy to his music in a way that is instantly appealing. The program is a mix of standards and originals, with the latter fitting right in with the better-known selections. He is not aiming for high art, but has mastered the art of reaching out to folks who dig sounds that make their feet tap, and will draw many of them out onto a dance floor. Tim Patrick has found his right place in life. www.timpatrickmusic.usJoe Lang, for Jersey Jazz

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